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October 1993

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Issue 4 (October - December 1993)
M. Fethullah Gulen


Self-renewal is the first condition of survival. Those who cannot renew themselves when necessary face annihilation sooner or later, no matter how powerful they may be. Everything lives and continues ... read more..

Issue 4 (October - December 1993)
Dr. H. Nurbaki

The Importance of Breast-Feeding

Mothers shall suckle children for two whole years, for those who desire to complete the suckling. It is for the father to provide for them and clothe them honourably. No soul is charged save to its read more..

Issue 4 (October - December 1993)
Y. Yilmaz

Al-Andalus: The Lost Civilization

How many people now know who Ibn Hazm, Al-Mu’tamid, Ibn Tufayl, Abu Ishaq al-Butruji were, or even where they came from? Most probably, not many. Yet these were among the most important scientists and... read more..

Issue 4 (October - December 1993)
M. S. Aksoy

Artificial Intellegence: A Different Approach

People give different answers when asked what ‘intelligence’ means. Some say it means ‘knowing a lot’; others say ‘thinking quickly’; or ‘putting things together in a particular way’. Psychologists al... read more..

Issue 4 (October - December 1993)
M. A. Sayar

Right to Food

More than a billion human beings on this planet are chronically hungry: every 24 hours some 40,000 die directly or indirectly from lack of food; a child starves to death every 2.5 seconds. In short, read more..

Issue 4 (October - December 1993)
L.a. Sayyed

Racism : The destruction of humanity

In the April 1992 issue of Scientific American, Allan C. Wilson and Rebecca L. Cann published a study of DNA samples taken from people around the world. They write: ‘Our genetic comparisons convince u... read more..

Issue 4 (October - December 1993)
Ali Unal

The Main Factors in the Spread of Islam

Islam, in the tenth century, was the main religion, or at least, the religion of the majority of peoples in an area covering more than half of the civilized world stretching over three continents from... read more..

Issue 4 (October - December 1993)
K. Aydin

The Good, and the bad and ugly: Western Cinema Images

The image (rather than the word) has come into power as a result of technological possibilities not available before the second half of this century. First Western cinema and then Western television h... read more..

Issue 4 (October - December 1993)
The Fountain

Lovers of the Light

One a clear night having fixed their hearts upon the Light they set out for eternity. And wherever the journey led, they carried their gift of radiance   Gleams of Beauty unfading so entranced ... read more..

Issue 4 (October - December 1993)
Bediuzzaman Said Nursi

A Commentary On The Contemporary World

Fifth Remark Man has been sent to this world as a guest with a special responsibility, and endowed with important potentials. He has been assigned important duties corresponding to these potentials, ... read more..

Issue 4 (October - December 1993)
M. A. Sayar

Outer space: Mankind's new frontier

It is barely three and a half decades since the Soviet Sputnik entered orbit in 1957. It was taken that space, long regarded as the last frontier, began to be thought of as the newest area of human do... read more..

Issue 4 (October - December 1993)
L. Martin

Last and Found

The long corridor with a hole at the end of it-a doorway, of course-made him feel uneasy. The sound of his fellow-students’ footsteps, their talking to each other, their smart, white coats, was somewh... read more..

Issue 4 (October - December 1993)
B. Cicekli

Human Rights Abuses and Islam

The ideology of Western civilization claims the concept of human rights as its invention. In fact, Islamic Law had long since recognized basic human rights and established principles and safeguards wh... read more..

Issue 4 (October - December 1993)
M.f. Sahin

What will become in the Hereafter of those who were born and live non-Islamic countries?

Those who put this question imply: ‘Since we believe in God and His Prophet, we will go to paradise. But those who were born and live in non-Islamic countries do not benefit from the Divine Light and ... read more..

Issue 4 (October - December 1993)
Dr. S. E. Konuk

The mystery of hibernation

Hibernation or ‘winter sleep’ how and why it happens is one of the mysteries of nature that has fascinated observers since the time of Aristotle. It occurs in some form, to some degree, in all vertebr... read more..

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