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January 1994

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Issue 5 (January - March 1994)
M. Fethullah Gulen

Decline and Fall: The Loss of Spiritual Energy

We used to have a magnificent civilization founded on faith, resolution, altruism and valour. The dark world of Europe’s Middle Ages was illumined and revitalized by the learning, faith, compassion an... read more..

Issue 5 (January - March 1994)
M. Temiz

Scientific Discoveries: A Novel Perspective

What do penicillin, Teflon, X-rays and insulin have in common? A prominent thinker of our age, while explaining the purpose in the creation of man, emphasizes the importance of prayer and classifies t... read more..

Issue 5 (January - March 1994)
I. Bal

Fighting Terrorism

The principal players involved in terrorism and counter-terrorism are the state, the terrorists and the public. By the ‘state’ is meant the whole political establishment, power and authority of govern... read more..

Issue 5 (January - March 1994)
M. A. Sayar

Genetic Engineering: Quo Vadis?

It was only after Steven Spielberg’s Jurassic Park had become the most watched movie of all time that we have started to consider how genetic engineering is moving from science fiction to science-fact... read more..

Issue 5 (January - March 1994)
O. A. Joseph

Transfer of technology from the Islamic world to the West

INTRODUCTION Technology is the tool of civilization, and for Islamic civilization to have been such a leading force in the world for several centuries, it must have been based on important technolog read more..

Issue 5 (January - March 1994)
M. Sahin

A New Nuisance in the Post-Cold War Era: Ethnic Conflicts

With the collapse of the USSR, the concept of a New World Order began to be heard more frequently in the world’s media and in the speeches of its leaders. The concept emerged against the background of... read more..

Issue 5 (January - March 1994)
Bediuzzaman Said Nursi

A Commentary on the Contemporary World

THE DOOR TO HUMAN HAPPINESS Belief in the All-Mighty Creator and the belief in the Hereafter are alike precious, since it is through them that the mystery of the universe is revealed and the door to ... read more..

Issue 5 (January - March 1994)
Dr. H. Nurbaki

The delicate balance of life on earth

It is difficult, on first reading, to divine the great scientific message imparted by this verse. The scientific description of the earth contained in the verse must be a humiliation to those who see ... read more..

Issue 5 (January - March 1994)
A. Joseph

The Conflict of Civilizations

World politics is entering a new phase, and commentators have not been slow to express their visions of what it will be–the ‘end of history’, the return of traditional rivalries between nation states,... read more..

Issue 5 (January - March 1994)
A. Hamid

A Companion of The Prophet: Sa'id ibn Zayd

Zayd the son of ‘Amr stood away from the Quraysh crowd as they celebrated one of their festivals. Men were dressed in rich turbans of brocade and expensive Yemeni burdahs. Women and children were also... read more..

Issue 5 (January - March 1994)
M. Fethullah Gulen

How is that Islam, a religon inspired by Allah for the good of humanity, allows slavery?

There are historical, social and psychological dimensions to this question, which we must work through patiently, if we are to arrive at a satisfactory answer. First of all, it is useful to recall wh... read more..

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