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July 2011

Welcome to our Archives page. On this page you will find a total of 20 of our articles broken down into Months and Years.
Issue 82 (July - August 2011)
The Fountain


A documentary released in June depicted an assisted suicide. The man on the show was a millionaire, and sitting next to him was his wife as he drank the poison given to him by a doctor. Although the m... read more..

Issue 82 (July - August 2011)
M. Fethullah Gulen

The Truth, Rights, and More

The Truth is one of the beautiful of names of the Divine, al-Haqq, which is linguistically both an infinitive and an adjective. Some of the meanings that flash through from the shade of the Truth are ... read more..

Issue 82 (July - August 2011)
Allen S. Maller

Fasting on Ramadan and Yom Kippur

I am a Reform rabbi who has been studying Islam for more than 50 years. Reform Judaism is the largest branch of the three major denominations of Jews in America. I think it is vitally important for ou... read more..

Issue 82 (July - August 2011)
Anwar Alam

Civic Service Without Borders

The Gulen Movement: Civic Service without BordersMuhammed ÇetinNew York: Blue Dome Press, 2009ISBN: 978-1-935295-08-2Hardcover, US$ 18.95400 pages “[The Gulen Movement] educates and socializes indi... read more..

Issue 82 (July - August 2011)
Cagri Sakalar

Functional Art in the Nucleus: DNA

Volumes of books and hundreds of articles have been published about the structure and functions of DNA, since the day two renowned scientists from Cold Spring Harbor laboratories, who would later win ... read more..

Issue 82 (July - August 2011)
Seth Mette

Big Germination

It was one of those chilly but lively mornings of spring. Everything was as expected: creeks were flowing, birds were flying, insects were waking up to a new life, and trees in the forest were silentl... read more..

Issue 82 (July - August 2011)
Y. Alp Aslandogan

The Anchoring Effect How Our Prior Knowledge Affects Our Perception

Evaluations and decisions play an important role in our social life. As we want our evaluations to be accurate and decisions to be fair, so we also want the evaluations of others about us to be accura... read more..

Issue 82 (July - August 2011)
Ali Fethi Toprak

Rebuilding the Heart: Regeneration

Regeneration is the ability to restore and renew lost or damaged tissues or organs. The body is equipped with several strategies to regenerate, including the rearrangement of pre-existing tissue, the ... read more..

Issue 82 (July - August 2011)
Mary Lahaj

At God's Door: A New Life

Going over it in her mind, she had to admit that George was probably right—she shouldn’t have this baby because she had no means to provide for its livelihood. Here she was, sitting on the floor in he... read more..

Issue 82 (July - August 2011)
M. Fethullah Gulen

Sabr (Patience)

Sabr literally means enduring, bearing, and resisting pain; suffering and difficulty; and dealing calmly with problems. In more general terms it means patience, which is one of the most important acti... read more..

Issue 82 (July - August 2011)
Frank Merchant

It's Not So Futile After All!

Have you ever taken apart an electronic device in order to fix it? If so, you’ll recall that sometimes, when you reassemble the device completely, one screw or piece remains in your hand and you don’t... read more..

Issue 82 (July - August 2011)
Kara Potter

Islamic Relations with Jews and Christians

The Qur’an expresses a range of positive and negative attitudes toward Jews and Christians. The doctrine found in these verses dictates how the Qur’anic law requires Muslims to treat Jews and Christia... read more..

Issue 82 (July - August 2011)
Safiye Arslan

Resurrection Plants

Tulips, sunflowers, roses, lilies, carnations, daisies, peas, eggplants, apple trees, and even bouquets of cut flowers for a loved one need water to survive. Water is vital to plant for its growth, de... read more..

Issue 82 (July - August 2011)
Jon Pahl

The Fountain: Metaphor and Magazine

I read The Fountain as a Christian. Consequently, the magazine’s title is a rich metaphor. For Christians, a Fountain points to God as our Source, as “Living Waters.” That Source also can dissolve our... read more..

Issue 82 (July - August 2011)
Nuri Delen

The Great Questions of Existence

Throughout the ages, human beings have yearned to know how the universe came to exist and what role we play in this vast world with its limitations of space and time. It has been said that the discipl... read more..

Issue 82 (July - August 2011)
Irfan Yilmaz

It's me Peter, your liver!

Dear Peter, as one of your organs of vital importance, I have a couple of words to say to you. I do not make any noise like the heart or stomach. Neither do I produce electric waves like the brain. Th... read more..

Issue 82 (July - August 2011)
Justin Pahl

Summer Evening Breeze

We endure the heat, and we wait. The sun steady in its track. Vicissitudes of light, shadows thinning, growing long. We endure and wait. Salvation in the hour before the hour before dusk. The s... read more..

Issue 82 (July - August 2011)
The Fountain

Writing of Our Worries

1- Writing of Our Worries Original Article: Ramirez G. et al., Science 331, 211 (2011). We have had to deal with tests and exams in academic and professional life from childhood on. Though we are mo read more..

Issue 82 (July - August 2011)
Hikmet Isik

Using Abilities On The Path Of God

Question: How can we make use of the abilities God has given us in the service of faith? Do we fulfill our responsibility with financial assistance only? Every blessing of God is an opportunity given... read more..

Issue 82 (July - August 2011)
Sebnem Unlu

The Life and Journey of a Leaf

I was created as a small bud on the dry branch of a huge oak tree. The oak tree is a great entity that protects me from being stepped on or eaten by animals. I serve life in many ways: I provide shade... read more..

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