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November 2014

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Issue 102 (November - December 2014)
The Fountain

Rights, Justice, and Games

One picture that has been viral these days depicts a diver next to a giant shark. It reads "This is the most dangerous animal in the world. It is responsible for millions of deaths every year. By its ... read more..

Issue 102 (November - December 2014)
M. Fethullah Gulen

Right vs. Might

In a world where right is equated with might, we must learn that what is truly right is pursuing basic human rights and dignity for all. The highest ideal of human life is an individual elevating read more..

Issue 102 (November - December 2014)
A. Ali Eren

Brittlestars: Fabricating Microlenses with Perfect Geometry

The unity underlying nature manifests itself in many different forms. Sometimes various "things" work towards accomplishing only one task while sometimes only one "thing" is utilized in many different... read more..

Issue 102 (November - December 2014)
Abdullah Aymaz

Revisiting Psychokinesis: Time, Ether, and Kozyrev

For many of us ordinary people, time is nothing more than how long we spend at work, at the gym, or the hour at which we come home to meet our families. But time is also a phenomenon; many scientists ... read more..

Issue 102 (November - December 2014)
Ihsan Kose

The Minimum Work Principle in the Universe

Gravity is usually accepted as the reason behind the fall of every object we drop. Physicists, however, associate this fall with the trend of an object to reach the lowest potential energy level. Yes,... read more..

Issue 102 (November - December 2014)
Ahmet Tugra

Gamification: A Tool for Motivating Children

Jack had been the ruler of the village for more than six months. He had many ups and downs during this time. He was not complaining, as he knew that he chose to take this responsibility and didn't hav... read more..

Issue 102 (November - December 2014)
Seth Mette

Bipolar Equation

Hello. My name is Bernoulli. Bernoulli Equation, to be more precise. One of the best established and most beautiful equations in the history of science. I am the spirit of the elegant curves on the ai... read more..

Issue 102 (November - December 2014)
Asli Tahan

How Much - if any - Alcohol is Safe?

Findings show that even though some findings have suggested health benefits for light alcohol consumption, risk of cancer increases with "any" sort of alcohol consumption. Every thirty minutes, a per... read more..

Issue 102 (November - December 2014)
Namik Top

Animated Vignettes in Character Education

It is obvious for many people that to ensure a safe school environment for students, it is needed to realize the early detection of problematic behavior through school violence prevention or reduction... read more..

Issue 102 (November - December 2014)
Hasan Horkuc

Absolute Justice and Bediuzzaman's Cup

Bediuzzaman Said Nursi (d. 1960) defines justice either in terms of absolute, as opposed to relative, or positive, as opposed to negative. In this paper we explore the absolute nature of Nursi’s appro... read more..

Issue 102 (November - December 2014)
M. Fethullah Gulen

Riyada (Austerity)

Riyada (austerity), which we can describe as disciplining life, appetite and thirst, and sleeping and waking only in order to develop the feelings of praise for and thankfulness to God and balancing t... read more..

Issue 102 (November - December 2014)
Hasan Ali Gunes

Imitation Teeth: Implants

Our teeth were designed in a harmonious and organized fashion, just like each and every particle of our body. It becomes unbearable when one tooth is missing, as this harmony is spoiled. Dentists are ... read more..

Issue 102 (November - December 2014)
Alpaslan Sahin

21st Century Skills for Students

Economic projections for the next fifty years indicate that, both within the US and world economies, there will be an explicit shift in the Qualifications needed from the adult workforce; these report... read more..

Issue 102 (November - December 2014)
Nihal Balci

Love Is...

I had been asked to talk about love at a gathering right after Valentine's Day. I thought about this talk for a month. I could not find anything to say. It is so hard to talk about love - it can't be ... read more..

Issue 102 (November - December 2014)
Tugrul Cagri Yavuz

Never Say "I Will Eat My Hat"!

It had been only 23 weeks since we got the good news that we were going to have our first baby. However, on that warm September day, we were also told that the delivery was quite close. Considering th... read more..

Issue 102 (November - December 2014)
Gary Behrman

Promoting Global Fellowship around the Kitchen Table

As a child growing up in rural Illinois in a small farm town, I only dreamt that I would some day travel beyond the boundaries of my homeland. No one in my circle of relationships traveled very far fr... read more..

Issue 102 (November - December 2014)
Sumayya B. Sharaf

By the Pen

and the deeds that are not revealed yet,I am an ink without pen;I am a pen without ink,both without paper.I am all,I am neither;I do not knowanything other than things bestowed upon.By the Nunand what... read more..

Issue 102 (November - December 2014)
Saban Cepik

Becoming a "Good" Foreign Language Teacher: Knowledge, Skills, and Dispositions

Most language educators would agree that the ultimate goals of a foreign/second (L2) language education are trifold: language skills, cultural knowledge, and academic achievement. The needs and expect... read more..

Issue 102 (November - December 2014)
The Fountain

Islamic Civilization and Science: A Forgotten History

If you are interested in Muslims' contributions to science and some of their inventions, this interview may be an enjoyable read. We paid a visit to Professor Salim Ayduz, a historian of science who i... read more..

Issue 102 (November - December 2014)
M. Fethullah Gulen

The Islamic world and cultural revival

Question: The Islamic world has been in a period of stagnation for a long time regarding scientific development and cultural life. What are your thoughts? The most significant task falling on our sho... read more..

Issue 102 (November - December 2014)
The Fountain

Science Square (Issue 102)

Newly Discovered Particle Is Both Matter and Antimatter Observing Majorana fermions in the ferromagnetic atomic chains on a superconductor. Nadj-Perge et al. Science, October 2014. In the universe, ... read more..

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