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January 2019

Welcome to our Archives page. On this page you will find a total of 15 of our articles broken down into Months and Years.
Issue 127 (Jan - Feb 2019)
The Fountain

Editorial (Circling and Healing)

Circular motions are all around us. Some are visible or perceptible, while many are not. In a contemplative piece in this issue, Jacob Hardy, a dear friend, writes about this fantastic phenomenon that... read more..

Issue 127 (Jan - Feb 2019)
M. Fethullah Gulen

Broken Dream

There was once a time when we enjoyed mutual love and respect. We had started to relate to one another. That was when everything looked different and cozy across the land. Even if some inappropriate a... read more..

Issue 127 (Jan - Feb 2019)
Omer Serranur

Retina the Mind Boggler-2

In our previous article where we discussed the mind-boggling complexity of our eyes’ retinas. We learned about the ten separate layers of cells, but we did not elaborate on the intricacies of their cr... read more..

Issue 127 (Jan - Feb 2019)
Ali Kaya

Beyond the Rainbow

Have you ever seen a rainbow? Until recently, I had looked at many rainbows, but had never truly seen a rainbow. In his writings on faith and logic, religious scholar Bediuzzaman Said Nursi maintaine... read more..

Issue 127 (Jan - Feb 2019)
Ron Messier

Jesus: One Man, Two Faiths: A Response to 9/11/01

The September 11th terrorist attack was traumatic for many people. At that point in my life, I had been studying Islam for thirty-six years: first as a student, then as a professor of Islamic history ... read more..

Issue 127 (Jan - Feb 2019)
Jacob Hardy

Circling in the Universe

"It is He who created the night and the day, and the sun and the moon; all (the celestial bodies) swim along, each in its orbit with its own motion.”  (Quran 21:33) Almost everyone – depending on read more..

Issue 127 (Jan - Feb 2019)
Dr. Ibrahim B. Syed

Alzheimer’s Disease (AD)

Alzheimer’s disease is “an irreversible, progressive brain disease that slowly destroys memory and thinking skills, eventually even the ability to carry out the simplest tasks” according to the Alzhei... read more..

Issue 127 (Jan - Feb 2019)
M. Fethullah Gulen

Manifestation (Tajalli)

Tajalli (manifestation), which has almost the same meaning as showing itself, display, and appearance, in the language of Sufism means being favored with God’s special gifts. It also denotes that the ... read more..

Issue 127 (Jan - Feb 2019)
Atif Yorulmaz

Timing of Medication

We are all aware of the fact that there is certain rhythm and order in the movement of the sun and the earth, as well as other planets along their pre-assigned orbits. This order has ongoing without a... read more..

Issue 127 (Jan - Feb 2019)
Sage Chen

Hizmet Is a Social Movement

Hizmet Movement (aka Gülen Movement) has always been given different names, which rely on and point to divergent underlying ontologies and understandings. Cemaat (Community), Hizmet (Service), Gonullu... read more..

Issue 127 (Jan - Feb 2019)
Kerri Davidson

In the Eye

It was 3:45 pm. I was sitting crossed-legged with twenty other seven-year olds under a wall of flat glass windows. An eerie calm had settled outside, where a short time before there had been whipping ... read more..

Issue 127 (Jan - Feb 2019)
Ali Kaya

The Mathematical Beauty of Snowflakes

“There was a footpath leading across the fields to New Southgate, and I used to go there alone to watch the sunset and contemplate suicide. I did not, however, commit suicide, because I wished to kn read more..

Issue 127 (Jan - Feb 2019)
Alicia Sabah Torres

Two-Way Street

As I sit and wait for my day of judgment, I ponder the future. Can I continue to live my life as I dream and desire? Or will I remain doomed to a lifetime of cries and days of gloom? People say th... read more..

Issue 127 (Jan - Feb 2019)
Hikmet Isik

Hunt for Divine Manifestation

Divine manifestation (tajalli) is the attainment of inner light as a result of special Divine gifts. This is experienced by travelers on the way of Truth who are committed to prayer. Tajalli is not on... read more..

Issue 127 (Jan - Feb 2019)
The Fountain

Science Square (Issue 127)

A new Artificial Intelligence (AI) approach to translate brain waves into speech Akbari et al. Towards reconstructing intelligible speech from the human auditory cortex. Scientific Reports January, 2... read more..

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